Thursday, October 21, 2010

Is Vicky Hartzler the Most Anti-Gay Candidate in America? Nope!

Is Vicky Hartzler the Most Anti-Gay Candidate in America? | Mother Jones: "- Sent using Google Toolbar"

I was perusing the internet for stories on interesting candidates that aren't shining bright in the media spotlight (for positive or negative reasons) and I came upon this story of Vicky Harzler. Ms. Harzler is running for congress in Missouri's 4th Congressional District against Democrat Rep. Ike Skelton. You may have heard of Rep. Skelton... he fought against He-Man during the years of my youth... wait that's not right! Ah... he was one of the creators of the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy our military used/uses/used/uses or something.

This article on Mother Jones, admittedly a more liberal publication, painted Harzler as the "most anti-gay candidate" in an election this year. She is one of the creators of first gay-marriage bans that passed a state election and led to a handful of others in 2004. Does that make her anti-gay? I don't think so. Anti-gay marriage? Yes.

The whole problem with defining a person by their campaign is that in almost all cases they are simply dichotomies. Democrat vs. Republican. Incumbent vs. Newcomer. Veteran vs. New blood. The story is the same. That story for each campaign has to be all about widening the gap between themselves and the opposition.

In this case, Candidate A is running against a founder of DADT at a time where that policy is in the news and is controversial. I don't think it matters who it is, that Candidate A is going to be anti-DADT! So to call her the MOST Anti-Gay is simply ridiculous. She used the avaliable political environment, first in 2004 and now in 2010 to achieve full political potential.

When you go to the polls in a couple weeks keep that in mind. Vote for the person based on their greater record not just the two or three things the candidate or their opposition highlights. Do a little research if you feel it matters. Remember on the Congressional level you have a MAX of THREE races with up to SEVEN people to research (Yeah... Florida messes things up, but more on that another time). Think of this like an investment, piece of furniture, or an appliance you want to buy. It's going to be around for the long haul... so you do more than just read the bullet points! The same goes for Elections:


Saturday, October 16, 2010

No Oversight for U.S. Soldiers Accused of Murder - The Daily Beast

No Oversight for U.S. Soldiers Accused of Murder - The Daily Beast

Another sad chapter for our Armed Forces. Without a proper chain of command and a clear mission these soldiers have debased everything our military stands for. Instead of protecting the innocent and defending freedom they commit murder, intimidate the righteous, and embarrass their uniforms. Thank goodness for whistle blowers!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Addicted to Drones - By Micah Zenko | Foreign Policy

Addicted to Drones - By Micah Zenko | Foreign Policy

Read This! It's a great look at how dependent we are on UCAVs - Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles - and what that really means for our military power. With drone strike rising sharply (see posts above) isn't it time we take a serious look at just how effective this form of violence is?


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Message to Muslims - I’m Sorry -

Op-Ed Columnist - Message to Muslims - I’m Sorry - "- Sent using Google Toolbar"

Just a quick article I found particularly poignant while surfing the web today. Read it and feel free to leave a comment!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

America: Struggles of Freedom

Today marks a very important anniversary in United States history. April 19th was the day which the battles of Lexington and Concord between American revolutionaries and British troops. That makes today, April 20th, the first full day which America was at war.

Reflect on that for a moment. Revolutions are usually marked with months and years of unease and anticipation then in a single crucial moment those who are brave step forward and declare that they are ready to hold fast no matter the consequences.

Revolutions, as we know, are not always violent. Look at the many democratic revolutions which took place in Eastern and Central Europe at the conclusion of the Cold War, while many died their revolutions were peaceful as they bravely stared down their oppressors. In the American colony Jefferson's logic, Paine's law, and Franklin's social commentaries were not enough - they needed Washington's military bravery before freedom was won.

April 20th of 1775 was not the day of the "shot heard 'round the world" but it was the critical day after. The day the American people committed themselves to the promise of freedom. The promise of freedom that may not have reached all people at once but in its promise has freed the peoples of the United States and many others around the world.

What does that promise mean to you? How are you reviving that promise everyday? What can be done to keep the flame of hope alive for those whose freedoms are mere memories and dreams?

You can comment and share. Please do!

Friday, April 16, 2010

In Memory of Virgina Tech

Ut Prosim - That I May Serve

Let us just take one moment's pause to think and pray for those whose lives were plucked early at Virginia Tech three years ago.

Let us put aside politics, ideology and our differences to contemplate the tragedy and its consequences.

Let us remember those who were taken from us that horrific day: [List compiled by way of Wikipedia, NBC News]

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Oh how forgetful the Elephant is!

I know it has been awhile but this blog post has inspired me to come back once again. As I'm sure anyone who has had a quick read of this blog has realized I am not a radical. I am not a Tea Party type. I believe in Big Tent GOP Reagan-style party makeup.

One thing that brought Republicans to power and allowed them to actually DO something during the terms of President Reagan (and George H.W. Bush) was that the Republican Party did what it does best, stick to its values. Which is to say they stuck to their values but remained realistic, they compromised and politicked hard so that even if the end result wasn't perfect - they always made a big step in their direction with minimal damage. You'll notice I didn't say screamed and called names at the other side OR bowed their heads and obeyed.

The GOP of today is being overtaken by a bunch of far right-wing fundamentalists who have abandoned the real world for their "vision." I am talking about Neo-conservatives and the religious right-wing. Again, you will notice I made a distinction between those who are conservative or are generally hawkish on the issues. What really irks me and many of the bulk of Republicans is this, we share common values: generally conservative social values, a certain view of keeping government as small as possible, and preserving fiscal responsibility. We share these values but those few on the fringes have used their megaphones and steadily alienated moderates while taking credit for their successes. Case in point: Senator Scott Brown, Republican from Massachusetts.


Tea Party Republicans are claiming the electoral victory of Sen. Brown was a sign that their brand of exclusionary insanity is the way to go when in fact it is just the opposite. Let's face it the overwhelming majority of MA voters approve of President Obama and the job he is doing, so why did they elect a Republican? Simple. Scott Brown campaigned and showed them that he cared and that he was moderate enough to listen, weigh the issues, and compromise for their good and the good of the nation. Martha Coakley stood for liberal democrats and their arrogance in thinking that just because the voters were in love with the late Sen. Kennedy (who worked hard on his agenda, right or wrong) that they would just hand it to the next liberal democrat in line. Well.. it aint played that way folks, you gotta earn it.


An excellent article on GOP moderates and Scott Brown