Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Oh how forgetful the Elephant is!

I know it has been awhile but this blog post has inspired me to come back once again. As I'm sure anyone who has had a quick read of this blog has realized I am not a radical. I am not a Tea Party type. I believe in Big Tent GOP Reagan-style party makeup.

One thing that brought Republicans to power and allowed them to actually DO something during the terms of President Reagan (and George H.W. Bush) was that the Republican Party did what it does best, stick to its values. Which is to say they stuck to their values but remained realistic, they compromised and politicked hard so that even if the end result wasn't perfect - they always made a big step in their direction with minimal damage. You'll notice I didn't say screamed and called names at the other side OR bowed their heads and obeyed.

The GOP of today is being overtaken by a bunch of far right-wing fundamentalists who have abandoned the real world for their "vision." I am talking about Neo-conservatives and the religious right-wing. Again, you will notice I made a distinction between those who are conservative or are generally hawkish on the issues. What really irks me and many of the bulk of Republicans is this, we share common values: generally conservative social values, a certain view of keeping government as small as possible, and preserving fiscal responsibility. We share these values but those few on the fringes have used their megaphones and steadily alienated moderates while taking credit for their successes. Case in point: Senator Scott Brown, Republican from Massachusetts.


Tea Party Republicans are claiming the electoral victory of Sen. Brown was a sign that their brand of exclusionary insanity is the way to go when in fact it is just the opposite. Let's face it the overwhelming majority of MA voters approve of President Obama and the job he is doing, so why did they elect a Republican? Simple. Scott Brown campaigned and showed them that he cared and that he was moderate enough to listen, weigh the issues, and compromise for their good and the good of the nation. Martha Coakley stood for liberal democrats and their arrogance in thinking that just because the voters were in love with the late Sen. Kennedy (who worked hard on his agenda, right or wrong) that they would just hand it to the next liberal democrat in line. Well.. it aint played that way folks, you gotta earn it.


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