Sunday, February 10, 2008

Nebraska Democratic Caucus Results

So... Obama won... HUGE.

It seems that the endorsement of Sen. Ben Nelson is worth something because Obama crushed the hated Hilary Clinton. According to the NDP returns from the 1st District (Omaha and the surrounding area) were nearly 77% Obama, the 2nd District (Lincoln, Lancaster County and the surrounding counties) were at 65% Obama, and at last the 3rd District had a close 52.5 % Obama result (more on that later).

Now, as for Clinton's loss it was expected from both camps but not at quite such a large margin. It seems that the Clinton family has a disdain for Nebraskans' and their state (unless they move to New York). Most Nebraskans won't soon forget that it was only in the last months of the Clinton Presidency that Slick Willie visited the state (not that Nebraskans wanted him to at that point). Hillary Clinton also decided to stay out of the state because it was a lost cause so instead "pimped out" her daughter Chelsea to salvage any support. Which brings me to Scott Kleeb...

Klinton & Kleeb

Chelsea's largely uninspired feeble attempt to rally what small support the Clinton campaign had an interesting component, Scott Kleeb. Of course, everyone's favorite East-Coast Liberal was escorting Ms. Clinton on her Nebraska trip mostly trying to visible. After delivering Chelsea to UNL's Union he ducked out of the event and then went on to spend entire duration talking on his phone. His demeanor was a bit comical because it was a cross between the starry-eyed enthusiasm of a campaign volunteer and the self-importance of a (failed) former Congressional candidate. I wish I had a picture of video in order to illustrate the hilarious scene.

Oh wait... someone DID take a picture of the duo "meeting" in Grand Island, click here for the Kleebgasmic series of photos

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