Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tim Clare: Humorist par Excellance & Candidate for NE Regent

I know that I haven't posted here in awhile (over two months actually) but I've been working on a doozy of a story about the State Department as well as actually physically working for a campaign this election cycle.

There was something though in my inbox that caught my eye and I had to share. It seems that I receive regular emails from nearly every campaign, PAC, and political party in Nebraska and I try to read most of the ones I get. (That being said, DO NOT sign me up for Scott Kleeb's email list, I will find you and I will laugh in your face)

So, I was rummaging through my spam folder when I found an email from one Tim Clare, candidate for University of Nebraska Regent. He seems like a decent and knowledgeable guy and I opened his email. It was titled "NU Regent Candidate Tim Clare sets the Record Straight‏", alright.. he has been hammered by his opponent recently. Then I go on to read a long diatribe or rhetoric about his conservative position on stem-cell research (that he shares with all of the Nebraska Congressional delegation.) Wonderful.

He also list a bunch of doctors that support him. Here's a copy of what he has written:

Locally, please note that the following doctors are supporting my candidacy:

Dr. Deepak Gangahar
Dr. Mike Duggan

Dr. Alan Berg
Dr. Susan Hansen

Dr. Dave Clare
Dr. Tim Govaerts

Dr. Cory Friesen
Dr. Marc Koenig

Dr. Kurstin Friesen
Dr. Steve Ackerman

Dr. Doug Netz
Dr. Walter Duffy

Dr. Steve Nagengast
Dr. Phil Essay

Dr. Paul Petersen
Dr. Joe Petty

Dr. James Gallentine
Dr. Bill Johnson

Dr. Sandy Gallentine
Dr. Chuck Reese

Dr. Keith Miller
Dr. Clark Antonson

Dr. Jeff Tomjack
Dr. Rob Rhodes

Dr. Pat Clare
Dr. Rex Largen

Dr. Marlon Weiss
Dr. Mike Ferris

Dr. Steve Martin
Dr. Ameeta Martin

Dr. Mark Heibel
Dr. Scott Noel

Dr. Scott Strasburger
Dr. Nate Green

Dr. Alan Nissen
Dr. Sushil Lacy

Dr. Tom Tegt
Dr. Bob Byington

Dr. Greg Sutton
Dr. Kent Reckewey

Dr. Mike Germer
Dr. Eric Crimmins

Dr. Doug Dalke
Dr. Scott Donkin

Dr. Tom Heiser
Dr. Dave Hilger

Dr. Mark Hinrichs
Dr. Max Linder

Dr. Bill Nye
Dr. Herb Reese

Dr. Bob Shoettger
Dr. Jerry Spethman

Dr. Jerry Tanner
Dr. Harry Tolly

Dr. Don Walla
Dr. James Weesner

Dr. Paul Zuercher

[Note: Emphasis is mine]

So, let's see here, Mr. Clare. Amongst the 55 doctors that "locally" support you:

  • Two are related directly to you [See Dr. Pat Clare, Dr. Dave Clare
  • Several of these "doctors" are actually people with MDs- such as Dr. Bob Schoettger - notice it is mis-spelled above without the 'c', who is a great guy and gifted dentist
  • A comedian - Dr. Steve Martin - just kidding, he is the CEO of Blue Cross/Blue Shield Nebraska who lives in Omaha and has donated the max ($2,000) to President Bush in 2000, is a lukewarm supporter of McCain '08 ($500), as well as an enormous supporter of Ben Nelson 2004-06 ($5,500)
  • and, Dr. Bill Nye (not, the science guy!) Who it turns out, along with his wife, are huge Chuck Hagel fans (they give him 500+ & 1000+ dollars in his elections, respectively) as well as being McCain 2000 fans
The list is long and filled with some great folks who may not fit the traditional interpretation of the term "doctor" or "local". The race is on.. and Mr. Clare's email definitely added some interesting angles and a moment of humor into the horse race.


The original press release on Tim Clare's website is here


khalifiani said...

well the election i dont know about it. but i will read your blog to know about it.

khalifiani said...

now i really know about election. election it about choose our next life

char said...

wasn't able to email~ complicated.

advertising can promote awareness of important issues, sparking minds to get creative, network and get things done~ on the wings of humour.

nowadays, advertising is very much word of mouth, supported by fun knick-knacks (freebies) and quality products/services.

people are educated, able to access sources of information and the have the skill to critically consider concepts and choices.

advertising is not going to rot their minds...or maybe just the sexist objectivist mysongist capitalists stuffs.