Monday, November 3, 2008

2008 Election Campaign almost over.. finally!

It almost over. You won't have to sit through political ads or get annoying volunteer phone calls or even more annoying robo-calls. No more half hour political infomercials. No more intense negative advertisements. No more mailboxes full of glossy postcards telling you that if you vote for Candidate B the terrorists win.. or your taxes will go up. No more yard signs popping up faster than weeds. No more 3rd Party supporters shouting at you near the intersection that "they both stink!" Aaah, none of that.

Just a 3 month wait until the pomp and circumstance of a Presidential Inauguration. The interest of waiting for a Cabinet to be formed and a super-lame ducked President handing out pardons and signing Executive Statements like its Republican Christmas. Then we start anew..

But think... if you don't vote you don't have the right to complain or applaud. The privilege of voting bestowed upon you by the Constitution be lost by your own laziness or apathy. Even if your Vote doesn't count for much.. it does count to YOU. Vote your conscious. Vote your values. Vote your wallet. Whatever it is, Just VOTE.

It isn't difficult. It doesn't cost much (just gas or a fare to get you to the polling station). Ask right now where your polling place is if you aren't sure. Then go out and vote tomorrow. Vote for the sick man who can't cast his ballot. Vote for the young girl who is just a few days too young to vote this time around. Vote for the mentally disabled. Vote for the soldier far away who hasn't had the chance to cast his or her ballot because they fight for their survival with no time to spare. Vote... For goodness sakes, Vote.

Vote for the good candidate. Vote for the honest candidate. Vote for the open candidate. Vote for your candidate. Make a decision about their values, their policy, and their ability. Vote.

I think that will suffice but I wish to reiterate one last time:



anshul said...

ya man you are rite we should vote for sure as we are he constitution and its our rite to to chose our best.

L. Venkata Subramaniam said...

yup its almost over but dont you think we will miss the fun! It was interesting to watch the candidates say all that they said and many times get into trouble for it.

Hey I think you should have a best campaign moment contest on your blog. You have covered the elections with a lot of enthusiasm so far.

Yup you are right everyone must vote. Afterall what is the point of being proud of living in a democratic country if you dont vote.

Virginia Harris said...

It is election day and I AM VOTING thanks to the courage of countless suffragettes!

Can you even imagine NOT being able to vote?

It saddens me that so few people know ALL of the suffering that our suffragettes had to go through, and what life was REALLY like for women.

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