Friday, March 7, 2008

Whiners & Losers: Florida & Michigan

They knew the rules. They decided not to follow them.

Like a child that throws a tantrum when s/he doesn't get what they want even though they know they've been naughty, the Democratic Parties of Florida and Michigan are demanding that their precious delegates be counted although they decided to hold their primaries early. Were they warned? They sure were.. time and time again. Finally, the law came down from the top: You hold those primaries and the votes are worthless. Did the states' democratic parties listen? Nope.

Now a host of state democratic elites and the respective governors of those states are complaining that their freedom to vote has been compromised by Howard Dean and the Democratic party. Well I have news for them: your primary votes are not protected by the constitution and especially because YOU wasted them. Who really loses here? The democratic primary voters. All of a sudden it is realized that primaries can make a difference when it is a 2-person race for the nomination (not a single woman race the party elites obviously thought it was going to be). [Note: Florida Democrats are losers in general, so this is making them look even worse... if that is possible]

The Recount.. ahem, I mean... Re-vote.

In order to avert what Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) described as a "train wreck" the option remains for the Democrats to have another primary vote. This would either involve a multi-million dollar primary with voting done at precinct stations or a cheapo mail-in primary re-vote which would be confusing and ridiculous. Basically this re-vote would be a defiant call by the states' democratic parties to seat their delegates.. or as the rest of us see it: a multi-million dollar waste of dollars because they couldn't follow instructions the first time. Sad, just sad...

More on this as the story develops (which I hope it doesn't)

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