Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Oh Snap! Clinton wins TX, OH

Oh woe is you, Obamites! Rejoice, Hillaroons! Pop open the Champagne, McCainians and Republicans everywhere.

By winning the Ohio, Texas, and ever-important Rhode Island primaries Hillary Clinton has shown that she's got some fight left in her (some of it coming from her own pocket apparently). Which means yesterday was a double holiday for Republicans who are licking their chops thinking about a Clinton-McCain Match-up after John McCain clinched the GOP nomination by crushing the Huckster four final times on Super Tuesday (Part Deux).

The question now is how Obama and Hillary will/have change their strategies. Obama could focus on the Apr. 22nd primary in Pennsylvania (which would look a little desperate) or waste what could be valuable time trying to gain some momentum by visiting and raising support in the primaries leading up to April, Wyoming and Mississippi. Clinton on the other hand seems to be doing well in the "big" states that she campaigns non-stop in, so she will probably continue her "Rudy" approach.

... And McCain can just sit back, hope that Hillary wins, and snipe at both of them while he waits for at least a month and a half for a nominee to emerge. Also, he could do very well taking some advise from Republican and "Conservative" strategists (read Neo-Cons) as to how to shed his ability to act bi-partisan and start looking more like a Bush Administration. I'm warning you Sen. McCain, if Obama is the Democratic nominee you'd better start remembering that how you use to be pre-2000 or else there will be a bit of a problem catching the pesky independent votes you NEED to be president.

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