Saturday, September 27, 2008

McCain Suspension - Analysis

Wow. Democrats really asked for it on this one, didn't they?!

All this complaining about the negative Rove tactics.. then Senator McCain pulls out a real great maneuver that I'm sure has the Obama people either scratching their heads or running around like they don't have any. John McCain just schooled the young Democrat about how you turn a disadvantage into a huge (free) PR campaign and put the opponent on the defensive.

The move to his suspend his campaign was so brilliant... I can scarcely believe it. It works on so many levels in so many ways... Senator McCain, my hat is off to you.

That being said.. his plan does have some (major) drawbacks but we'll get back to those later. First, let's talk positives:
  1. "Bipartisanship" is the key to winning over Independents who are the key to winning elections

  2. Why not dominate a day with free press? (Especially when behind in fund raising numbers)

  3. Take the wind out of the Obama's campaigns sails after recent surge in the polls

  4. Take pressure off of Sarah Palin and give her some time to prep for interviews, press conferences, and a show down with Joe Biden in next weeks VP debate

  5. Show how deeply McCain cares about the economy (a topic he has admitted he knows little about)

  6. Cast a few votes in the Senate, try to rally House Republicans around your cause

  7. Throw a monkey wrench in the Democratic Party's strategy of linking McCain to Bush by opposing some of the Bush Administration's bailout measures

  8. Have I mentioned FREE press?

Oh boy.. I'm sure I've missed quite a few more, but as you see the move really was an excellent one politically and strategically. Whether you think it was all political or you believe that John McCain is putting "Country First" by suspending his campaign to focus on the economy, it doesn't matter. You have to agree the move was brilliant.

Brilliance, however, comes at a price in this case. There are a few drawbacks that have occurred.

  1. Senate/House Republicans weren't expecting the sudden media focus/scrutiny into the politics of the bailout

  2. Makes McCain look like he cannot multi-task, focusing on the economy and other things

  3. Why cancel Letterman and then go show up on CBS News with Katie Couric? You know Letterman is going to air out his concerns to his multimillion person audience!

  4. Was suspension necessary? Does McCain not believe Palin could take the helm of the campaign ship while he's in DC? What does that say about what he thinks about her abilities and weaknesses.

  5. I know McCain wants to take the attention away from the Democrats' blame for the bad economic conditions on Republicans but is saying that this crisis is so bad that everything is the world (aka the election cycle) but come to a complete halt because of the enormity of the problem really the right message to send?

I'm not sure if that list is quite complete yet either.. but time will tell.

So tell me what you think of my lists, and tell me what you think: Political Stunt or Patriotic Selflessness?

P.S. Go Huskers, beat those Hokies!!!


Carole said...

I think McCain's biggest mistake was pissing off David Letterman. You know amazingly, there are people who get their news from the late night hosts and I'm sure David Letterman is going to be gunning for McCain with both barrels now. Just not a good person to piss off.

The Hawg said...

Brilliant move on McCain's part. He got a lot of attention and came across as someone who cares about the mess the financial markets are in more than a campaign.

Letterman, by the way, would attack McCain regardless of what the Senator did.

KZBlog said...

Another drawback is that the move is transparent. It's like when the candidates speak on 9/11 or on Martin Luther King Day or what have you. It's still campaigning, getting press, putting yourself out there no matter how much they say, "This isn't campaigning."

In the case of McCain's pretending to suspend his campaign it comes off as a cheap publicity stunt.

RearVuMirr said...

I believe McCain wanted to be there. I believe it was important that he hear the different views for himself. Unlike Bidens "It's patriotic to pay more taxes" comment...actions speak louder and it's time people realize that McCain had his priorities straight even if the pressure was too great to stay.

joel said...

It was a stunt gone wild. It showed that he cannot whip his party mates in line. It might have hoodwinked a few unthinking voters but not the all the undecided. Sometimes brilliance brings the worst in a person, in this case, it did just that with McCain.

As for the Bailout Bill, America must understand where the economy is now. South Koreans slaved overseas just to remit enough money to build their economy after the Korean War. Thais and Malaysians DONATED whatever jewelry they had to save their economies from sinking during the Asian crisis. These are selfless acts that should inspire others. I just don't know where patriotism lies when young soldiers are dying overseas in defense of America. Monies can be recovered, lives can never be replaced.

chato said...

Big mistake was skipping out on David Letterman... Did you see how Dave ripped him a new @$$ hole right on the show...

Anonymous said...

We have been allowing our politicians and the greed of Wall Street fashion our econony for far too long. I know that this is basically a moderate web site, but the voting from a moderate position will never change the status quo in this country. If we want to stop politics as usual, we must take charge of our elections. Don't vote party politics, vote against the incumbent. If there is no incumbent in the race, vote according to your conscience. Let's throw all of the b***ards out of office and start fresh. Then we can give the new Congress 4 years to straighten out the mess or we vote them out too. We should all get behind term limits in our home states to help put a stop to this madness.