Monday, September 29, 2008

Questions for our future Vice President

After watching the first Presidential debate, I was hungering for the next one. How would Obama and McCain change their rhetoric or positions? Of course, I'll have to wait an extra week before I find out because there just happens to be a Vice Presidential debate this week in St. Louis. I got to thinking how sad it was that we only get one VP debate. I mean, that only gives us one glimpse of the two candidates and only one chance to see them head-to-head. I know they aren't as important as the Presidential candidates, but I'd like to see them twice so they both have a chance to redeem themselves in case of an epic failure or misspoken phrase (or more).

We get only one shot however this year and it should be a doozy. Gwen Ifill, senior corespondent for the News Hour with Jim Lehrer, will be hosting the event that pits Senator Joe Biden (D-DE) and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin (R) against one another at the same table, eye to eye.

What questions should be asked, I was thinking to myself.. I mean if there is one thing that we've learned over the past eight years it is that Vice Presidents can be VERY powerful. So here's a little list of a few questions I came up with:

  • What non-American person of the past century do you look to for inspiration and how do you believe you've followed their path?

  • What Vice President of the past 100 years do you think has made the most difference and which do you think you would like to emulate?

  • What person in the past 25 years, who is of the opposite party, do you admire and what do you think can be learned from them?

  • As Senate President you have the tie-breaking vote, in what situation would you use that vote to go against the President or your party?

  • What issue do you believe will define your tenure as Vice President?

  • In a crisis situation, what position do you see yourself fulfilling for the President, if elected?

  • In the past two years there has been much talk about the institutional position of the Vice President, do you see the Vice President primarily as a member of the Executive or Legislative branch?

  • What role do you think experience should play in the selection of our next President of the United States?

  • What mistake that you have made so far in your career will help you be a better Vice President?

  • What is one thing about your party's candidate that you would change or dislike?

  • What makes you want to serve your running mate and what made you apprehensive?

  • What advice would you offer the other candidate for the remainder of election?

  • What about your financial plan/Iraq plan is better than your opponents and how do you see yourself passing it in a bipartisan fashion?

  • How important will bipartisanship be for your Administration, and how will you prove to Americans that you are working for them as Vice President?

I'm sure there are many more.. and I may add a few later as an Update but... What do you think? Anything you'd like to see asked? Think of a few questions that would apply to both candidates and submit them and then we'll see if Ms. Ifill asks anything similar.


yanjiaren said...

I read that Obama got the edge on this one but many are complaining that it wasn't too exciting and was running a bit flat. Let's see what Sarah Palin will say when she is bombarded with questions. I hope they won't be asking for her Bust Size and what designer model her eye glasses are!!

Tyson said...

The debate will be filled with reasonable questions. There are just so many topics no 90-minute session can cover everything. Gwen Ifill will do a good job keeping Palin and Biden from talking to each other. The debate will not have a clear winner, which I suppose is good for Palin.

Gray Kane said...

My favorite: "In the past two years there has been much talk about the institutional position of the Vice President, do you see the Vice President primarily as a member of the Executive or Legislative branch?"

Unfortunately, I doubt the real questions will be as substantive as yours.