Friday, April 18, 2008

1.7M of your tax-dollars have gone to a Polygamist Terrorist

Sometimes I wonder, why is everyone so angry with government? Is it because they involve themselves unnecessarily into our lives? Sometimes. Is it because they waste our money? Sure, a little. Is it because they do too little? No.. it isn't, it is because they usually do too little of the right things and too much of the wrong.

For instance, the Department of Defense needs some spare parts for its aircraft. OK, there is a lot of waste going on at the DoD with contractors and all that.. but spare parts for aircrafts seems like a pretty good expenditure. I, like most Americans, want the US Air Force to be the most powerful on the globe, ready for anything at comes their way. So.. usually I wouldn't complain about the USAF buying spare parts for aircraft. Oh sure, I'd complain about them being overpriced.. or ordered in too little numbers or in grossly exaggerated numbers.. but none of those problems are the subject for today's anger.

It seems that the DoD has been buying thousands of those parts from Warren Jeffs' three main companies. Jeffs is a the head of the FLDS church that supports polygamy, child rape, and other deplorable acts and was just a week ago raided (twice) and all of the children and most of the women removed or allowed to escape this cult society controlled by Jeffs and his male accomplices.

Now if the money was spent before the FBI and police knew of Jeffs' activities I would be satiated however, it wasn't. The companies that we are talking about here not only provided parts to the DoD while Mr. Jeffs was on the run from the FBI, on the FBI top-ten list, and in custody but also after he was captured and put on trial!!!!

Can you believe that?!

It wasn't as though the parts were terribly specialized or the case was something that quietly happened! The capture, trial, and conviction of this religious terrorist and child rapist were covered on every news source! His companies were being watched closely by the FBI and state police as well because the companies were making weekly "donations" to the FDLS church for more than $50,000 dollars a WEEK. That makes over TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS A MONTH!

We, law-abiding tax-paying citizens, have contributed 1.7 Million Dollars to this madman's wealth through DoD contracts to his companies. Imagine the anguish that could have been avoided if as soon as Warren Jeffs came under investigation and a warrant was put out for his arrest those contracts would have been voided. Instead, the government has used our money to partially fund this sickening man and his "compound" where he prays on the young and keeps his followers in darkness to any other truth than the one he preaches. Isn't faith strongest when it has withstood the test of the challenge of others?

Just to add insult to injury a spokesman for the DoD said "nothing inappropriate" happened. The sad thing is that almost certainly hundreds of cases like this happen everyday, where our government spending money that directly goes to fund criminals.

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