Sunday, April 20, 2008

Obama: Wooing Republicans in Penn.

Senator Obama (D-IL) announced this week at a campaign stop that even Republicans would be better than current President Bush. At his campaign stop in Pennsylvania he stated "Either Democrat would be better than John McCain," he said. "And all three of us would be better than George Bush."

Why? Why would he do this? Obviously, he is trying to steal away any Republican support for Hillary Clinton (D-NY) before the Penn. Primary. Wooing Republicans and Independents just before the primary is a smart tactic considering how contested each democrat's vote is but now less than 48 hours before voters hit the polls he also needs to try to sway the swing voters who are still undecided.

An abysmal ABC debate hardly let either candidate state their case cohesively to the voters and now Obama is dominating the airwaves, Clinton is stepping up her rhetorical attacks and both candidates are going more negative than they had dared to go before.

So, maybe Obama did not praise McCain as much as he just tried to praise his own ability to work across the aisle no matter who is President. Smart Tactic... will it work? Only Pennsylvanians can tell us in a few days time.

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