Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Are We Done Yet...? Penn Primary

Donkey Fight!

Now that about a dozen years after the end of the Texas primary, the Pennsylvania primary is finally underway.

Honestly, I have to predict that the vote will be about 5 points in Hilary's favor but since the Democrats don't care much for the popular vote it could turn out that Obama wins by virtue of the Super-Delegates (as he did in Texas).

The last "big" state in the democratic primaries (in population, Montana.. no disrespect) the competition was fierce and totally insane. Clinton and Obama will probably come out of this wishing they were born without a mouth to misspeak (anyone "bitter"?), a brain to mis-remember (duck.. its a sniper disguised as a little girl with a poem!), or a body to be present for anything (All-White Country clubs, Black Churches with disgruntled pastors, being married to Bill, being Black.. the list goes on).

I know that the madness won't stop for quite awhile.. but at least the citizens of one state won't be assailed for five long weeks of rhetoric and negative attacks for another 3 or so years when the next crop of Candidates start campaigning 2 years early again.

Now all we can do is relax while the people vote.. and wait for the results to come out.. and the news media to be filled with more spinning and scratching than a DJ Convention (or if you in Texas, that would be "chopped and screwed").

We will be back to provide to the feedback frenzy when the polls close, enjoy the peace while you can!

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