Friday, April 25, 2008

Something Strange in Syria... and Suspicous in the US

Syria Nuclear Site information

Today the Pentagon, White House and CIA all came out with their report about the Israeli air strike on Syria. They now claim that the building bombed was probably a nuclear reactor meant for "non-peaceful purposes" that was mere weeks away from being operational. Something about the
whole situation is a little fishy.

First of all, it is illegal and an act of war to violate the airspace of a sovereign country (and bomb it, incidentally) but of course legality and such things are of no real concern for the Israeli government so we move on...

The real issue at hand here however is "why now?" Eight months after the "Operation Orchard" bombing why would the CIA and others suddenly come forward with this information, especially since the White House and others response to it at the time was "No Comment"? Is the White House trying to: 1) ramp up support for some kind of military mis-adventure, 2) try to sabotage their own 6-party talks with North Korea, whom they allege were the technicians behind the nuclear facilities, 3) or perhaps trying to sabotage any hopes of Syria and their neighbor, Iraq, having any positive relations (because obviously Syria is waaay worse then Iraq's cozying up to Iran). All the options seem quiet depressing and just stupid, strange, and/or suspicious.

Another question that should be posed is why, if the US Intelligence system could pinpoint a "WMD-lab truck" in Iraq back in 2003 did our intelligence services not catch this allegedly nearly finished nuclear facility until the Israelis informed us they were going to bomb it. The CIA states that they have been tracking this facility since 1997 when North Korean and Syrian officials met near the site of the nuclear facility which means this site should have been under surveillance for the past eleven years. Doesn't this mean that Syria probably would have been a better candidate for invasion in 2003? They at least had a facility supposedly being built that was almost capable of creating nuclear materials, which is much further along than Saddam ever got. I guess this just goes to prove that these neo-conservatives have been obsessed with invading Iraq ever since their 1998 letter to President Clinton asking him to intervene with troops into Iraq.

Once again we are forced to sigh and ponder how an administration could become so obsessed with their own fantasy of democratic triumph and American victory that they forgot to truly weigh the matter...


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