Saturday, August 23, 2008

CNN: Obama Picks Biden for VP

CNN, MSNBC, and the AP are reporting that Barack Obama has picked Delaware Senator Joseph Biden to run with him as his Vice Presidential candidate. Joe Biden is the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and is a respected member of the Senate for many years (he is in his sixth term). Sen. Biden himself ran as a Presidential candidate this cycle but dropped out shortly after the Iowa results came in. Barack Obama should announce this decision at a rally in Springfield today(Saturday August 23rd)

UPDATE: 12:35PM CT - A protective detail of secret service agents has been dispatched to Sen. Biden's Lake House in Delaware where the Bidens are currently at. This would be in addition to reports of at least one, possibly two, police cars parked in his drive way and patrols by local law enforcement which has been stepped up within the past half-hour.

More information as it becomes avaliable.

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Anthony Fuller said...

This seems to go against the grain of Obama's mantra of can you criticize Senator McCain for going along with the same old politics when you choose someone with more Washington experience than him as your running mate?

Strong Moderate said...

Thanks Anthony for what I can assume to be an original comment (unlike the one left before you). You have a great point. Obama has been talking about changing DC and he is choosing a Senator with the 6th most experience in the Senate. However, Obama has definitely made a shift (which I think is positive because it is actually true) in that he now attacks old politics not old politicians. What I mean to say is that he now has begun attacking a style of politics instead of blindly attacking "experience"

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