Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hagel: No to Veep Job

Well.. the fantasy is over. Just as I predicted earlier (and here), Senator Hagel has said no to the Vice Presidential candidacy with Sen. Obama. He also related that he will not be endorsing either candidate. I guess he's keeping his options open so either one of them can pick him for their cabinets when the time comes.

Jonathan Stark gave a very tidy comment to the USA Today (after replacing previous Communications Director and current Chief of Staff, Mike Buttry.) The response from Stark came as Jim Leach, a former Republican congressman from Iowa, said during a gathering of GOPers for Obama that Hagel would be a great VP for Obama.

Some blogs and websites are already jabbering about the possibility of a "fallout" between Hagel and Obama or a "deal" with McCain so he wouldn't join forces with Obama, this is all rubbish. The facts are pretty simple and anyone with a political mind can tell you that Hagel, a Senator that was more in line in 2006 and 2007 with the Republican baseline (outside of the issue of Iraq) than any other Senator would have clearly been a bad choice for Obama. Senator Hagel is a straight talker (similar to the pre-2002 version of McCain) and would not shy away from his positions such as pro-life, anti-gay, or anti-Universal Healthcare. Hardly a good Vice-Presidential Candidate.. for a democrat.

Well, naive democrats, the dream of a Obama-Hagel Ticket are gone.. unless Obama comes to his senses on domestic and moral issues in 2012...

And now a gem from Senator Hagel during an interview in Business Week on December 4, 1998:

We have got to focus on a positive agenda so we can govern, or the American public will turn us out... Every colleague I've spoken to is scared to death about that.

--Strong Moderate

P.S. Some inside information on the Hagel office may be coming soon...

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Political Realm said...

I agree. Hagel may have seemed like the sexy pick to some, but he really never stood much of a chance unless Obama wanted to make a very serious gesture of bipartisanship.

Political Realm said...

I should add that I do think Hagel could be considered for Sect of Defense in an Obama administration.

Strong Moderate said...

Absolutely, PR. Even a gesture of bipartisanship would work with putting him in his cabinet, however as VP it wouldn't have worked. The VP has often been used as a place to put an Attack Dog type that can go up to bat for the President if he is politically battered.

Hagel for SecDef! or SecState