Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dems Round Up: Part One

So, the Democratic Convention has been going on for a couple days and it has been a nonstop rhetoric-spewin' Obama-lovin' party as to be expected. There have been a few memorable speeches and quotes so far. I'll give you the highlights!

Michelle Obama: Pretty damn good. She showed a different side of Barack Obama as a family man. It was a well delivered speech even considering she is not a politician and isn't probably use to delivering speeches to convention centers packed with people. She had some fire and passion and set up a great opening for Democrats to begin to get the word out on Obama the man to independents.

Hillary Clinton: It sounded great. She said all the right things. Something though... was missing. That something was sincerity and true emotion. I know some of you think I just criticize her constantly but it is true. her speech felt like just that.. a speech. She could have been a housewife who had just been given a few thousand dollars to give a speech on Economics. There was no passion or even a feeling of true belief in Obama, her party's candidate. Guess someone is a bitter, clingy, and self-described gun-toter... and it sure isn't middle America.

Dennis Kucinich: Wow! Seriously... Dennis is crazy, even his supporters know it and will admit it after five minutes of discussion of the cartoonish character that is Congressman Kucinich but he delivered a great spirited speech. His refrain of "Wake up, America!" was repeated after every attack on Republicans. Whether you agreed with the rhetoric or not you had to admit it was a pretty engergizing speech and it got people crazy excited. Now if only he was sane the other 96% of the time....

Mark Warner: Yawwwn, even a day later I'm still bored just hearing his name. His speech was just a bunch of "hope" and "change" without any passion or energy. If this is the Democrat's next big thing.. then look forward to a Republican victory in the future. Oh yeah - Dude.. Mark, tone down the makeup, your face looked like it was made of putty.

Jimmy Carter: Boy.. talk about slow. The only reason Jimmy Carter made it to this list is because he is a former President.. otherwise, it was just a disinteresting sidenote.

Memorable Quotes:

"No Way, No How, No McCain"
"Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsuits"
-- Hillary Clinton (D-NY)

“Between now and November, I predict that the oil companies will hold out on oil prices a little bit... you know, to try to get the Republicans the ticket.”
--Former President Jimmy Carter

"Four more months"
"That's not a maverick, that's a sidekick"
-- Senator Bob Casey (D-PA)

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