Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain's VP choice is...

UPDATE: It is official, Senator John McCain has indeed picked Sarah Palin to be his running mate

Well, just as an update, it does look more and more likely that it will be Alaska Governor Sarah Palin (which I had previously predicted would get the nod). According to CNN a private jet from Alaska arrived in Dayton, Ohio under cover of secrecy. Later today in Dayton the announcement will take place in from of 15,000 supporters.

John McCain's campaign and outside sources have already crossed Minn. Gov. Tim Pawlenty, Arkansas ex-Gov. Mike Huckabee and NYC ex-Mayor Rudy Guliani off that list. Still possible besides Gov. Palin are Florida Governor Crist, Mitt Romney, Tom Ridge, or Joe Liberman.

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cube said...

Bold move. It will either be brilliant or it will stink on ice. I don't think there's any middle ground with this pick.

Strong Moderate said...

Yeah, very bold. I tend to agree with you but for the short term it won't have much damage.. I'm updating this post with some commentary once I have a few more minutes to write.

Len said...

It was important that McCain pick a running mate who would be ready to be president, given that (given his advanced age and questionable health) there is a better than average chance that person will be president.

Sarah Palin is not ready to be vice president, let alone president. She really is nothing more than a shallow ploy on the part of the McCain campaign to snag the die-hard Hillary supporters. They think they will be dumb enough to vote for McCain if he puts a female on the ticket with him... any female will do.

It's going to backfire.

This was John McCain's first big "presidential" decision, and he blew it. Big time.

Strong Moderate said...

Len, its obvious you don't like McCain but I don't think he "blew" it. It is pretty obvious that you are some kind of Democratic surrogate/supporter/mouthpiece but even you have to concede that this is hardly the first "presidential" decision McCain has made and who knows.. maybe Palin has some kind of stealthy political side we don't know about... we'll have to keep our eyes open!

Len said...

Regardless, every word I said was true.

What decision does a presidential candidate make that is more important than who his or her running mate will be? They are choosing the person who, should they be elected and something happen to them, will step into the presidency.

What decision gives us more insight into the judgment of a presidential candidate than the decision of who his or her running mate will be?

Yes, it is obvious that I do not like John McCain. But it isn't as much that I don't like him as it is that I simply do not trust him. He has proven that he is too willing to change according to whichever direction the political winds of the moment are blowing. Despite his high-minded campaign motto, he puts politics before country.

The choice he made today was a political ploy. Nothing more, nothing less. He believes that by putting a woman (any woman) on the ticket with him, he will win over those 18,000,000 people who voted for Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries. He is sadly mistaken.

By all means, keep your eyes open. But be willing to see what they see.