Sunday, August 24, 2008

Democratic Convention Coverage

The Democratic Convention this week in Denver, CO will be a collection of liberals and media personnel getting drunk in the Mile High City 24 hrs a day for 5 days. There. If I didn't say another word that ought to be the boiled down straight talk version of the event... but I don't want everyone to hate me, so I'll give it a little more flourish.

The purpose of these conventions, both Democrat and Republican, is to get together and energize the party base and activists while holding a coming out party for the Presidential candidates. The convention is like a handover ceremony, from now until November the Presidential candidates are in full control of their parties in every way. Forget the sitting President, their respective party chief, high-profile politicians, or even common sense. Whatever the candidate says.. is what the party says. Oh, and what better way to have that ceremony than having a huge party in Denver or St. Paul?!

In addition to the ecstasy that each party experiences when they all congregate in one place, the media is treated like royalty and often are just as inebriated (that is drunk) as everyone else. For the media it is like taking a wonderful vacation, all their talking points are fed to them from either party releases or opposition groups and they get all kind of perks. Think about it, when else do TV anchors get to cover 5 day long circuses complete with a big top, balloons, confetti, parrots, monkeys and hooligans? I know I wouldn't miss it for the world!

Enough about that, though. I'll be keeping you updated if anything really interesting happens outside the alcoholic pomp. Stay Tuned.


Rogue said...

What can be more interesting than this? It is human interest event, Buddy! And as how you out it, I love it!

"5 day long circuses complete with a big top, balloons, confetti, parrots, monkeys and hooligans"...

Indeed interesting, isn't it?
Oh BTW, may I ask what is your opinion about my latest post? Just leave a note in the comment section and i will be back here. ^^

iLovePhilippinesToo said...

Good for the media. As for my opinion, politicians and media personnel, generally, are both dirty game players... one using the other and vice versa.. as long as there is money, both are good.

Strong Moderate said...

Rouge, you are absolutely right. It is interesting as a human interest event but as ilovephilippinestoo states it is evidence of the co-mingling of the media and politicians in some very.. questionable ways. Money can bring anyone together nowadays.

Oh, and rogue.. as for your last post on your blog I didn't read it because there was an ad that came up on the WHOLE SCREEN. That's something I really hate so don't expect me to go to your website and review anything until you change that.