Thursday, August 21, 2008

Obama VP Rumblings...

Well the Obama campaign could make their big announcement anytime now... the Vice Presidential pick... They have precious little time to do it especially since the VP candidate will have to speak on Wednesday night at the Democratic convention in Denver, CO. So.. there is a countdown until they find the right way to break the news.

Well, after looking after all of my posts I found that I've never brought up Barack Obama's possible picks for running mate outside of the the context of Senator Chuck Hagel however those posts focused on why Hagel would not be the a good VP pick for Obama. So.. although making predictions so close to an announcement is pretty stupid.. here it goes.. the top two contenders are: Indiana Senator Evan Bayh or Virginia Governor Tim Kaine. [Some would wonder why I left out Senator Joe Biden.. he ruled himself out, so I say adios to him and good luck with the Senate Foreign Affairs committee, maybe next time ol' pal.]

Senator Evan Bayh:

1) From Indiana, a swing state
2) Is popular amongst whites, rural voters
3) Can speak pretty well about the economy
4) Attacks Republican rhetoric very well
5) Is a Centrist Democrat
6) Is on the Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affair, Committee on Armed Services, and Select Committee on Intelligence
7) Known to have a 100% rating from NAACP and other civil rights groups

1) Scandal! Possible inappropriate relationship between his office and his wife's business interests
2) Is a Centrist Democrat
3) Co-sponsored the Iraq War authorization resolution (along with Senator John McCain)
4) His father was Senator, he "inherited" the position

Governor Tim Kaine:

1) White, popular with rural and blue-collar voters
2) Virginia is a swing state that Obama is targeting..
3) Knows Spanish
4) Is Catholic, which could help ease worries about Obama's concern for conservative Christians
5) Gave the Democratic response to the 2006 State of the Union Address (I watched it.. he did a pretty good job at delivering the rhetoric)
6) Is "Green"
7) Says he is against Abortion
8) Opposes Same-Sex Marriage
9) First public figure outside of Illinois to endorse Obama's candidacy for President (and that goes a long way my friends.. a loooong way)

1) He's Catholic
2) Virginia is a little too close to the Beltway
3) Young
4) Inexperienced outside of being the Mayor of Richmond, Lt. Gov, then Gov. of Virginia
5) Says he is against Abortion
6) Opposes Same-Sex Marriage

Oh yeah.. and Obama could pick Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius but that's for another day... ;)


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cube said...

We should know soon. Whomever he chooses, I hope Obama loses.