Sunday, August 10, 2008

Georgia invaded by Russian Military

Save the Peaches.. ok, but seriously this is a problem.

Since the mid-nineties the break-away country of Georgia has been at odds with the Russian Empire Federation. The dispute has been about an region called Ossetia, whose people believe that they are more Russian than Georgian and thus use Russian currency and speak Russian. Since their call for independence from the newly independent Georgia problems have been brewing...

This flare-up should really send a message to the Global Community, especially the European Union, that "New" Russia is just "Old" Russia with a PR department. Remember back in the day (or perhaps you've just studied it, like me) when the ol' USSR would decide it needed to crush a thorn in its side it would just roll in the tanks and claim it was just taking care of a problem in its "sphere of influence" - that was the old way... The new style of Russian foreign policy is just a little tweaked but basically the same. Let's walk through it together:
  1. Russian Leader wakes up... there are problems allover the place (mostly created by his own corrupt regime and mafia control)
  2. Russian Leader decides that he ought to solve a problem, scare all his rivals at the same time, and give the people something to cheer about in a nationalistic way
  3. Russian leader points the a surrounding country on a map where there have been some problems and tells his military leaders to invade it
  4. Russian leader and his foreign ministry fabricate a story about said tiny country's efforts to "abuse" the human rights of Russians or "interfere" with Russian interests
  5. (If possible) Tie that country in with the War on Terror
  6. Issue strict ultimatums and impossible conditions and call it all 'diplomatic talks and failing to find a diplomatic solution due to a lack of cooperation on the opposite side'
  7. Remind people that all Russia is doing is just protecting its people and their interests
  8. Russian Leader waits for the opportune time (preferably while everyone else is watching some kind of global spectacle) to launch the invasion
  9. Invade
  10. Try to block out the news, deny anything wrong is going on, , and then ignore foreign criticisms
  11. Repeat claims of protecting interests
  12. Continue blasting the living daylights out of target country
  13. At some randomly decided time: stop, declare victory, and have a massive military parade through Moscow
There you go! The "New" Russian model for invasions of neighboring sovereign countries. In the USSR you just had steps 1, 9, 10, 12, and 13.

The truly sad thing about this new Georgian incursion is that Russia has been harassing this poor little country for years including cutting off their gas and oil supplies. That's harsh! In the age of live coverage and hyper-media reactions it seems the Olympics have acted as an override switch to the news of hundreds, possibly thousands, of villagers and civilians being slaughtered by nearly round-the-clock bombings of civilian and military targets. The airports and roads have been crushed and a long line of at least two hundred tanks and armored personnel carriers have been seen entering the country according to recent reports but hey... I'd rather talk about Micheal Phelps or that Chinese hurdler! I guess Russia still knows when to orchestrate an attack when no one will care about some 'insignificant' country... sad. Very sad, indeed.

I will try to keep track of this story and keep you all posted if possible.

Whelp.. I guess I'll just sit around here and wait for the KGB to come and eliminate me. Until next time, please leave some comments for you comrade in arms.


Giorgi said...

It's really nice, in these dark times for Georgia to see and read some support from independent blogger like you.

As I type this, some Russian planes are flying over my house in capital of Georgia, I guess they are going to bomb strategic buildings...

We will survive, Long live Georgia!

Strong Moderate said...

Thank you, Giorgi!

First, I want to say to all those people who are going to immediately start doubting Giorgi, that he is in fact from Tbilisi, Georgia - the capitol city.

Second, I'd like to thank you Giorgi, again for stopping by. It is always refreshing to hear from those closest to the action. This action by Russian military forces is deplorable and many, many Americans stand with you.

I hope you come back soon and tell us more. Stay Strong.

Strong Moderate