Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sarah Palin: Rubber.. meet Road

Sarah Palin... what can I say that hasn't been regurgitated, repeated, editorialized then regurgitated in the media in the past couple days?

Sometimes it is better to just take a little while to think (a foreign word to many pundits and shouting-heads). Thinking and pondering as it turns out allows a person to form their opinion based on a larger collection of facts and a little mind-check for logic and meaning. Although it is still early I'm ready to start analyzing her and her entry into the race a little..

First, the election's tone and attack points have changed drastically because of the pick and second, she is going to either be a huge dangerous liability or a home-grown gem for John McCain based on how she deals with the sudden massive scrutiny of the nation and media...

1) How does this change the election? First off, the experience and racism/sexism cards have been taken off the table. You won't be hearing as extensively the attacks from the McCain camp about Obama's "lack of experience" because Sarah Palin has... pretty much close to zilch and Obama now has Biden to back him up. You won't hear a whisper campaign from the Democratic Party about McCain's views on women. Same does for the Republican Party appartatus whispers of Obama as a young black extremist surrounding himself with young angry blacks. You will hear a lot about the connections of Palin and the McCain campaign to oil and gas companies and their disagreement on drilling in the Arctic.

2) What does Palin bring to the field? She definately has spunk, confidence, and character. Palin also has inexperience being in the national limelight or as an object of major scrutiny by the lower 48 states. Something either troublesome or inspiring about Palin is that she only met McCain once and according to quite a few sources did not meet him again until he had basically decided she was going to be his VP pick. She is also suppose to be working hard on bringing in disgruntled Hillary supporters but in the two days shes tried.. so far nothing is really materializing. I hope McCain did not pick her just because she is a woman because that would be an insult to females everywhere.

You know that story of a little town girl who suddenly makes it big in the city... well Palin is going to decide if this is a depressing drama that ends up with her moving back in with her little town or a romantic comedy that ends with a fadeout of her moving into the Dirksen Office Building, the Eisenhower Executive Suite, and the West Wing of the White House.

I'm sure there is more to her than we are hearing about... and I'll be right here to analyze and report on it when it arrives. So until next time.. stay safe.

Strong Moderate

P.S. Major Kudos if you caught the veiled reference to Oil, Arctic drilling, and High gas prices in the title of this post...

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