Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Barack Obama!

Today is the Junior Senator from Illinois's Birthday.
Happy Birthday Barack Obama!


da patriot said...

I think I may puke!

Strong Moderate said...

I am sorry to hear about your illness although I don't really see any connection to the article..

I plan on having McCain's official Senate photo and accompanying banner for his birthday later this month. This is a non-partisan blog. I call 'em how I see 'em - in the words of Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts.

Although it sounds like you may disagree with me on more than a few issues I hope in the future you would comment on policies or issues instead of just stating the state of your digestive system.

Anthony Fuller said...

Everyone deserves a happy birthday :)

Although I thought it was extremely amusing that he mentioned there isn't another place he'd rather be than Lansing, MI on his birthday.

As someone who lives near Lansing and has been there on many occasions - nobody wants to be in Lansing unless they grew up there or went to Michigan State. But I guess politicians are like pro-wrestlers - always looking for a cheap pop from the crowd.

Strong Moderate said...

Exactly Anthony, I don't care whether the person is liberal or conservative.. a birthday is a birthday.

Nothing against Michigan.. but I could think of about 132,000 places I'd rather be than Lansing, Michigan (i say this from my 2 experiences of Lansing).

As for the comment about pro-wrestlers and politicians being alike.. I think you insulted pro-wrestlers and you owe them an apology. There are a few exceptions but usually 'politician' can be translated directly to "panderer of epic proportions."