Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Political Music Wars: Pop Liberals vs. Hip-Hop Republicans

Hip-Hop music and musicians are usually pretty much flaming liberal. Pop musicians are much the same. As for country unless your group has the words "Dixie" and "Chicks" in it they are usually Republicans. So this week something kind of strange happened, there were two endorsements by music figures that were a little bit strange.

Madonna the Mad

First off, Madonna thinks that Senator John McCain has a lot of similarities with people like Hitler while Senator Barack Obama is more of a Gandhi. Both extreme to say the least. Ok, VERY Extreme. In a video montage behind her she showed the pictures of both candidates and cycled through some pictures she associated with each.

Now.. Ms. Madonna, I think that comparing the figure of a Senator of the United States (no matter his or her party) with a figure like Adolf Hitler goes beyond the realm of disrepect and into that of pure insult. John McCain was a POW who was tortured worse than than what Nazi troops were doing to American and European POWs during World War II in most accounts.

Barack Obama and Gandhi? Seriously?! You believe Obama, a first-term Senator is on the same level with a guy that brought down the British Empire through countless years of harassment and imprisonment? It is really hard to equate the two. In fact it is nearly impossible.

If Madonna's purpose was hyperbole or perhaps even satire then the latter case would be fine by me but equating a US Senator with Hitler is outside the realm of reason or respect. [[C'mon Madonna, you are JEWISH! Do you really think McCain wants to take out thousands of people in a maniacal genocide?]]

Daddy Yankee the Oilman

The other odd piece of news was the endorsement John McCain by Hip-Hop and Reggaeton star Daddy Yankee. Now, you may not know this about me but I love all kinds of music and I have Daddy Yankee's albums on heavy rotation on my computer - so, speaking from a semi-educated position I can say that John McCain should have probably said "Thanks.. but No Thanks!" Daddy Yankee told a packed Pheonix Gym at a High School that John McCain stood with Hispanics and had a strong position on immigration that Mr. Yankee agreed with. That's fine and dandy no doubt for McCain who is desperately trying to keep his Hispanic supporters and rouse younger voters who feel he is out of touch with popular culture. (Note: He is now waffling as to whether he knows how to use a computer or understands the internet... not a good sign for the under-25 crowd.)

Daddy Yankee is best known for his hit "Gasonlina" which I might venture to guess someone on the McCain campaign thought was about Offshore drilling or the need for lower gas prices, it is about niether of those things. Most of Daddy Yankees songs are about one of the following topics or some combination of them: prostitutes, the "dope game" (drug dealing), doing drugs, violence, gang life, odes to criminals, and general street life. Those aren't exactly the talking points of the McCain campaign.. in fact most of his support goes to doing just the opposite however I guess he felt the need to throw that out in place of a Hispanic-American Hip Hop star's endorsement. Really sad.

In conclusion, Madonna still has no class and will do anything to get into the news and McCain is acting like a total sell out for Hispanic votes. Off to watch more convention coverage!

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