Wednesday, August 27, 2008

McCain has chosen VP, will announce pick Friday

Oooooh, my McCain campaign senses were tingling like mad.. and here's why: Sen. McCain has chosen a Vice Presidential candidate and he is ready to unveil his pick on Friday in front of fifteen thousand (15,000) people in Ohio, a battleground state.

First, some sad news for the McCain camp about that last sentence, fifteen thousand people is about three times the largest crowd that has ever showed up to a McCain event. That is just sad. I know, I know.. McCain's supporters claim that that is because he is a Town Hall, up close and personal kind of guy.. but perhaps his campaign manager(s) should have told him that making LOTS of people vote for you is the key to winning an election not just making sure a bunch of small groups really like you. Their votes only count once no matter how hard they hit the lever, touch the screen, fill in the bubble, or poke out the chad.

Well.. more information should be coming by the end of this week.. and then I expect to post the VP pick on Friday (which also, by the way is Senator McCain's birthday!)

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